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Knurl-Retinomatosi Knurl is a Canadian solo project that began in 1994. Alan Bloor, a highly respected musician in this genre, produces some fine noise tracks of a harsh variety. However, Knurl does not use much in the way of what one would call "traditional" methods for creating his sound. Rather, Knurl could also be considered a form of pure industrial because he uses a variety of metal pieces to create his works. Steel caging, glass, car springs, and even toasters place a large role in the creative process. It is a pleasant change of pace to find a noise artist who uses something other than lots of knob twisting and synth manipulation to create tracks in this 'anti-music' genre. Knurl's work has a more genuine sound that resonates in ways computerised groups cannot. Sounds ripple up the spine and tingle the ears with ice-tempered chills that can make the listener shiver with sheer delight or terror.
A1 Chorothelium 9:59
A2 Hemithalmia 9:48
B1 Xyphene 9:27
B2 Phenylanax 10:05
Limited to 50 copies.

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Label: Danvers State Recordings | Item Code: Various | Country: Canada | Year: 2015 | Genre: Noise

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