Knox Om Pax - Laudanum CD Review

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2007-05-29 : Jeffrey K. : Link
Knox Om Pax
Laudanum CD - Destructive Industries

With a moniker taken from Aleister Crowley's "Konx Om Pax: Essays in Light" (though slightly manipulated) one might not be quite sure exactly what to expect from such a release. Further inspection into the album's title... Laudanum. An opiate of sorts and certainly the mindset this release will put you in upon just 1 listen. The journey is one of complete solitude and little color. There are few emotions to consider whilst entertaining yourself with this peaks. No dips into utter despair. All has been lost and Laudanum is the aftermath and concurrence of living and dying fully realized in one last adieu to the world and it's torturous ways. Waking up is not an option nor should it be...

Jeffrey @ Autopsy Kitchen Records, USA
2007-05-29 : JoelTheFirst
KNOX OM PAX "Laudanum" CD (Destructive Industries DI001)

On my 5th listen in a row to the GLORIOUS Knox Om Pax CD. Of course it sucks that I was in a depressive state BEFORE I dove into this release, now I'm in a catatonic state of nothingness where not even a shred of joy can find its way in. Listening to the CD is like visiting a house where you go into every abandoned room and in said rooms something very bad happened. You can't see it, but you sure as hell feel it, and feeling it isn't very good for the soul. It's the perfect soundtrack to the Peter and Billings stories I wrote. In fact, you're gonna have to have "L.O.S.T." on repeat during the 1st story. You'll see why. I need to go outside and drive around before I sink to the bottom. Yes, I will be telling friends about this band. Major kudos.

-Joel F.