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Kelly Churko-Transient Compared to Stone Kelly Churko (1977 - 2014) was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada and was based in Japan since 2001. In addition to solo performances, he also played in Hospital (w/ Ben Wilson, Masa Anzai, Chris Kelly), Ossuary (w/ Sotoyama Akira, Ito Keita), Almost Transparent Blue (w/ Masa Anzai, Skye Brooks), AKBK, Guilty Connector, Lethal Firetrap, Palimpsest (w/ Cal Lyall), Nikka-sen (w/ Tabata Mitsuru, Cal Lyall, Yamamoto Tatsuhisa), Toque (w/ Tim Olive), Fujii Satoko Orchestra, etc. He also has collaborated live or on recording with Government Alpha, Astro, Zbigniew Karkowski, Bastard Noise, Ilios, Paal Nilssen-Love, Jason Mears, Harris Eisenstadt, and plays regularly with Japanese improvisers including Tamura Natsuki, Kawai Shinobu, Iwami Keigo, Ikezawa Ryusaku, Kamimura Taiichi, Matsumoto Kenichi, Nakamura Kenji, Ando Akihiko, Saito "Shacho" Ryoichi and more.

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Label: Mandarangan Recordings | Item Code: Various | Country: Canada | Genre: Noise

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