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Karjalan Sissit-Miserere Today brings that rare and special thing, an interesting article in the newspaper. Nope, nothing to do with the forthcoming Armageddon, the piece in question deals with everybody's favourite Nordic peddlers of extreme death metal, Mayhem - here described, libellously, as a "heavy rock band". It would appear that vocalist Maniac, in the act of dismembering a dead sheep on stage, inadvertently kicked the animal's head in to a fan's face, hospitalising him. Maniac seems intent on living up to his name, as does previous Mayhem frontman Dead, who re-arranged his own brains with a shotgun back in the early nineties. The band's guitarist, Blasphemer, continuing in the same vein, probably let loose with some dreadful oath as the severed head flew across the auditorium. "God's teeth!" "Mary, Joseph and all the Saints!" Karjalan Sissit, essentially Markus Pesonen, with production and assists by Peter Petersson, sound nothing like Mayhem, but seem to have the same Scandinavian down on life. The titles say a lot about it: 'Pig Society', 'Inner Pain', 'Discipline Now', 'Requiem'. Live, Dead used to draw inspiration between numbers by inhaling from a plastic bag containing the rotting corpse of a raven. I don't know what Karjalan Sissit do for light entertainment, but the standout track here - 'She Was A Whore Anyways' suggests that a quiet night in playing Scrabble is off the agenda. Miserere offers a cross between the gloom and gloam of Kerovnian or Folkstorm, and the Nordic harsh electronics of Brighter Death Now or Institut, mixed up with swirling strings and disembodied, guttural voices. Uncompromising in approach, brutal in delivery - in its own way this delivers the same stinging attack on the senses as Mayhem's classic 'The Freezing Moon', which is high praise indeed. You all dress warm now. -Fluxeuropa

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Label: Cold Meat Industry | Item Code: CMI 117 | Country: Norway | Year: 2003 | Genre: Industrial

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