Jumbo's Killcrane - The Slow Decay (used)

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Jumbo's Killcrane-The Slow Decay (used) Excellent condition!!!!!! Jumbo's Killcrane was formed in 1998 by two guys from Lawrence, KS named Adrian and Erik. With no bass player, the guitar/drum duo haphazardly threw some songs together in the local record hole (Mercy Studios) and self-released the surprisingly well produced 'Scratch', which became their first full-length album/demo. After developing a quick hatred for their earlier material and their surroundings, they started writing newer and increasingly darker/heavier songs. They continued playing the regional venues for awhile, then the band started hitting the road in 1999 and has barely given it a rest since. Through the years JKC has played shows w/hundreds of great (and crappy) bands in hundreds of great (and crappy) venues throughout the US, and there are no plans to stop any time soon. In 2000 they self-released their 2nd full-length 'Il Cadavers Eccellente' and then toured for almost two consecutive years supporting it and writing new songs. In 2003 Crucial Blast Records (Maryland) signed JKC and released the 30 minute EP 'Carnaval De Carne' and followed with the critically acclaimed full-length release 'The Slow Decay' in 2004, which included writing and recording from their new bass player Troy (FILTHY JIM), and consequently their darkest/doomiest material to date. On top of and between those two releases, JKC recorded a split 7" with RUMPLESTILTSKIN GRINDER which included a version of "Brown" from the upcoming full-length. The split was released by Red Candle Records in 2003. After the recording of 'The Slow Decay' in Blacklodge Studios (COALESCE, Etc.) with Robert Rebeck (TECH N9NE, Etc.), founding member/drummer Adrian heard the calling of his family and chose to listen responsibly. No more touring for him anymore, but he did get a beautiful baby girl in return. Who could complain? Well, the remaining members of JKC could, as they were about to embark on a tour supporting the Oct 2004 release of 'The Slow Decay' with no drummer in sight. Now faced with the huge obstacle of replacing Adrian, who's sporadic and animalistic homegrown style helped to make the Killcrane what it is, the band auditioned a slew of drummers. After numerous ideas and rejections, Erik and Troy (now with 3 years under his belt) hooked up with Noel (HELIOS CREED, TVP) in late 2004. After a few jam sessions and a US tour supporting the release of 'The Slow Decay', it was more than clear that Noel was indeed the guy for the job. Now that the line-up is solid again and the chemistry is flowing, JKC is again writing and touring in support of 'The Slow Decay' through the end of 2005, with plans of having a new album released in 2006. Coming up fairly soon on a decade of existence, the band and it's fans are excited to see what they can accomplish in the next few years approaching that landmark.

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Label: Crucial Blast | Item Code: CBR 42 | Country: United States | Year: 2006 | Genre: Stoner Rock

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