Jumbo's Killcrane - Carnaval De Carne

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Jumbo's Killcrane-Carnaval De Carne Six tracks of angular barbarism from these Lawrence, KS cavemen with calculators. Awesome post-AM REP sludge rock, sorta like early NIRVANA on a pill bender jamming with US MAPLE. Think drunken prog rock cruising on gargantuan slabs of hammering distorto riffage and possessed wailing/crooning. This trio of grizzled Midwestern thugrockers deliver a squall of threatening runble and stutter. Cerebral and violent, subtle and thunderous,Carnaval De Carne sledgehammers the math-rock aesthetic into a twisted, towering monument of huge greasy riffs and defiant melodies. The latest evolution of pigfuck.

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Label: Crucial Blast | Item Code: BLAST 32 | Country: United States | Year: 2006 | Genre: Noise Rock

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