Judas Iscariot - Dethroned, Conquered & Forgotten mCD Review

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2004-09-27 : Seth
The first album I heard was Heaven in Flames and it was the best black I heard in a whole time. But when this MCD was playing, damn.

The symbals and snare, they all makeit complete. Spill the blood of the Lamb, now is my favourite JI song.

Also other parts like guitar and voice are agressive and it is black metal like black metal has to be!!
2004-03-19 : me
I say those you says that Judas Iscariot is Darkthrone clone can fuck off..
Judas Iscariot is the vision of Akhenaten.. and sure, it gets inspiration for various bands, but it's NOT a fucking darkthrone clone.. Judas Iscariot is way more better that darkthrone.'

But this record is kind of special. first JI record that Akhenaten is not playing drums on.. and I dont like it.. JI was pure black metal.. and some have been complaning about his drumming, but that's JI.. that "i dont give a fuck about the drumming.." thing.. and this is to fast, and not as good as the previous albums..
i'll rate it a 50/100..

2003-09-02 : Luka Govednik of ORTUS
Well, I'll be damned. I listen to Judas Iscariot for over thousand years, but even if this release is actually MCD I'd like it much more than the other ones (well, maybe 'Embrace...'). It is very dark, very raw fullfilled with grim production and amazing riffs. That drum parts just can't fit rest of the music better. I'm very delighted with the lyrics, I couldn't believe how Akhenaten seems to present his own world to us... but not only on this opus, on the other ones, too! I'll never understand how he managed to go on, after all the (mostly) bad reviews, but I HAIL HIM for that!!! He is fuckin' brave, man!I was very sorry when I heard that Judas Iscariot split-up, but I think that's very cool movement, 'cause none of the shit-head posers will ever reach path to some JI concert, merchandise or things like that.

reviewed by: Luka Govednik - Belgrade, Serbia
2002-11-16 : Nokturnal Myst : Link
First of all this album is awsome and Judas Iscariot kicksass. Secondly, most of the American Black Metal bands are Darkthrone rip offs. Whats your point? At least the US scene plays traditional black metal and they a lot better at it any way.
Thirdly, most european black metal bands either sold out or broke up especially Norway 90% all Black Metal Is Gay accept Darkthrone. So If they are Darkthorne Rip Off that is good that means they are well respected. So for the person who was bashing about this shit.
Fuck You big Time ok. Don`t get me wrong I like symphonic sofisticated black metal too but let`s facist 50% is gay as hell.
Don`t diss Judas Iscariot and any other band that is going towards traditional old school black metal except Phil Anselmos Viking Crown he don`t deserve respect for doing that shit.
.That means they know music. Again, I just like to say this music awsome the album is dark, primitive,raw typical black metal should be.
And All Hails To Judas Iscariot.
2002-08-04 : The Metal Observer : Link

1. Descent Into The Abyss
2. Benevolent Whore Dethroned For Eternity
3. Journey Through Visions Of War
4. March Upon The Mighty Throne
5. Spill The Blood Of The Lamb

So, what you're trying to say here is "Transylvanian Hunger"? I haven't heard such a blatant rip-off in such a long time, sick production, cold and necro as hell and quite simply I can't tell you, if a bass drum was even used on this recording, I can only hear a snare and what I guess would be a wide open high hat. No, that's not a type of bong, those are cymbal type thingies.

So I am stupefied at how this band can release albums and feeel good about themselves (it's actually just one guy). But still, if you like Norwegian Black Metal colder then your aunt Ethel's corpse full of Satanic pride and raw and simple, this is good stuff.

Now you see the reason I don't slam the ever-living shit out of this thing is, because even though it is a complete rip-off of DARKTHRONE, it's a damn good fuckin' rip-off. If someone told me these songs were unreleased DARKTHRONE-tracks I WOULD believe them, incredible feat for an American.

So it's like this: your girlfriend isn't Jenna Jamison (see contest for more), but you don't stop belly-wrestling! Get it? Got it? Go get it!
2002-08-04 : evilmusic : Link
As if a requiem to black metal, this release generates reborn visions of ancient black metal style and carpets dark visions in droning melodic exploded sound. Resonant riffs evocative of nothingness imply a mesmerizing search for epic direction in a pointless existence. Bullet-precise drumming solidifies songs under howling throat shredding. Although the dynamic atmosphere of Norse metal is not present, a characteristic mood and changing dynamic within the song define a subtly expanding theme. This EP shows mostly the Darkthrone-induced style of throbbing hypnotic beats under surging melody with atmospheric work in the style of Graveland complementing that. In a time of thirst, this is a handful of water advancing the archaic mission of black metal.
2002-08-04 : angzerhornbroals : Link
This is an awesome, raw... hateful album full of rage and blitzkrieg death drumming fast-as-fuck with simple guitar riffs and death grinding vocals!
Monday, August 20, 2001 - 4:10:29 PM : Lee from IL.
Hail the mighty AKHENATEN/JUDAS ISCARIOT!!!!!!! -True Black Metal!!!!!
Wednesday, February 07, 2001 - 5:47:01 PM : AJ
Review from my web zine: "Beat the Blizzard":
"Dethroned, Conquered And Forgotten" (Red Stream)
IV (Reviewed by AJ Blisten)
Akhenaten is back with a MCD following the full length release "Heaven In Flames" that came out this summer.
"Heavenů" is a decent album, but not as good as "Dethronedů". Judas has really found the original black metal source and genuine idea and cold feeling more than ever with this 20 minute long old school BM attack. The sound is full of sharp and thin edges in an old Darkthrone kinda way. The guitars are like scalpels and the vocals sounds exactly the way I like it. The songs on here are melodic and atmospheric showcasing that lots of keyboard layers are not needed at all to create excellent black metal. Judas Iscariot has
once again created a great BM album, maybe the best one in his 8 years of career of evil. Old school black metal purists will love this album!