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Hrossharsgrani-Schattenkrieger A band with one of the most peculiar names indeed, but one very interesting album also. This is the third album of the band, and an album that will hardly leave disappointed all the friends of music. The band is playing a very strange kind of music, more like a fairy tale dressed into a Metal dress, since there are a couple of Metal songs, but a lot of narrations and various other elements here and there. The mixture of Metal riffs along with narrations, sounds of hooves and battle, dialogs, but also excellent melodies, symphonic elements, and various sounds from instruments not often used to Metal music, is awesome. The album is a concept story, and it's based on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, something that makes the album even more interesting, and fits perfectly with the style of the music. The majority of the arrangements is very good, with the correct dose of all the ingredients, and leads to an album that has many things to offer. The lyrics are in German, something that prevented me from getting more inside the songs, but I guess that won't be a problem for those that speak or understand German. Maybe their only negative is the fact that there are actually a few songs and the album is more like a filler collection with a couple of songs. A very good and clear production comes to complete this Metal tale in the best possible way. Not an album that you can bang with, but an album you can escape with.

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Label: CCP Records | Item Code: CCP 100236 | Country: Germany | Year: 2002 | Genre: Black Metal

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