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Hjarnidaudi-Pain Noise March Hjarnidaudi is a one-man project of Vidar Ermesjø, formerly of Hlidol. The music on Pain:Noise:March is a very drony instrumental funeral doom - long, drawn-out sombre and/or dissonant chords played at galacial tempos, usually with a great deal of fuzzy, buzzing guitar distortion.

The music is fairly minimalist so giving a play-by-play of the 3-song, 42-minute dirge would be somewhat incongruous. The reason that this stands apart from other funeral-doom-drone for me is that it is very, very emotional. The last half of the first track, for instance, contrasts to the dissonant first half with emotional, almost melodic chords. The second is dissonant again, like the beginning of the album. The final track, although the most repetitive, is utterly wrenching. There is no happiness to be found here. The songwriting is easily above most bands in this genre.

Often, funeral doom or drone (or any combination of the two) has the tendency to become redundant and boring, especially when striving for minimalism. But for whatever reason, Pain:Noise:March remains interesting for its duration. Put this on in the dark when you've had a bad day, and kill 45 minutes instead of yourself. You'll be glad you did.

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Label: Avantegarde | Item Code: Various | Country: Norway | Year: 2008 | Genre: Doom Metal

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