Hierophant - The Tome

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Hierophant-The Tome The hierophant is a religious concept. Is the Greek word used for the man that works as bridge between the believers and the divine. He was the ultimate priest in the ancient Greece, the one called to show the holiness to the common people. Well, if the holy is what the this music delivers, then we are are miserably condemned to suffer for eternity the ruins of despair, because not a gleam of hope is preached by HIEROPHANT.

Following the extremely nihilist legacy left by the Finnish masters THERGOTHON in the early 90s, mixed with the oppressive heaviness of DISEMBOWELMENT, the man behind HIEROPHANT managed create the rawest Funeral Doom. Ugly dronish guitars, totally creepy keyboards and a demonic distorted growling create the soundtrack for desolate musical landscapes. No need to say that not a single drop of technical ability can be found here and not even NORTT creates despair out of this simplicity.

"The Tome" is not a new album, but a compilation of the three EPs this one man band released on its 5 years of existence (this act is now known as CATACOMBS). All of them sound actually exactly the same, but if you like variety then why are you reading about extreme Funeral Doom. The deal here is not music, it's the suffocating force that casts you to the ground like a creep... because, seriously, I had listened to many extraordinary bands playing this genre, but no one sounds more miserable than HIEROPHANT. (Online August 24, 2006) -Metal Observer

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Label: Solitude Productions | Item Code: SP. 012-07 | Country: United States | Year: 2007 | Genre: Doom Metal

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