Hell-Born - The Call of Megiddo

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Hell-Born-The Call of Megiddo It's no mistake that the first thing you notice about this packaging are the words "Hell Metal". Simply put, The Call of Megiddo is perfectly described with those two simple words! This is very brooding, dark, pulsating music. It sounds like the instruments were forged in hell fire! It sounds evil from beginning to end. The feel on this album is something that can be likened to a bubbling pot on the verge of boiling over. The frantic, edge-of-the-knife quality of this release keeps you wondering when the virtual explosion will happen. It keeps you looking, or rather listening, for someone to scream from the music "You're dead. Welcome to eternal misery". It's a pretty incredible accomplishment for a virtually unknown metal band to create a work of this quality.

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Label: Conquer | Item Code: CR 006 | Country: Poland | Year: 2003 | Genre: Death Metal

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