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Hak-ed Damm-Black Tortured Metal 2008 Demo CD, pro done with 35 + minutes playing time! "Black Tortured Metal" is
the first and only assault of this Canadian quartet. The band was
formed in 2007 by ZoKvist (vocals) and Silencer (drums) but lately
joined by VikkeR (guitar) and Zurhosis (bass), with this complete
line-up the band recorded this first demo in 2008 to define the band's
musical direction… the results; eight compositions full of blaspheme
and sadistic Black Metal. The primitive proposal of this Canadians is
immediately confirmed by the poor and crude sound, which becomes
especially evident at the low mixed drums, you can hardly hear the
snares… just a beating double bass drum along the entire demo… anyway;
this work is just a demo, so this time let's no complain about the
production… Ok? As you may expect, the primal Scandinavian Black Metal
sound seems to be the biggest influence over this work; the screaming
shrieks of ZoKvist, using a very usual but undeniably effective style,
delivers aggressivity and hatred, the abrasive guitar work of VikkeR is
one of the leading elements, creating a blurry and chaotic wall of
riffs, accurately harmonized by a remarkable melodic bass work, which
is quite high mixed, so you can really appreciate the muscular and
accurate performance of Zurhosis… The lyrics of this demo are based in
vicious concepts about sadism, masochism, humiliation, massacres and
anti-Christianity, all these conceptions are also reflected at the
demo's atmosphere that even when aren't as "grim" as could been (maybe
with a stronger production), there're certainly some interesting and
remarkable passages, where the negative vibe seems to become stronger…
just listen to opening parts of "Die in Silence, Fucker!, where the
impious vocals are complemented by hypnotic riff in a violent and
profane orgy of chaos…
It's been a while without hearing about
new exponents in the Canadian Black Metal scene, and Hak-Ed Damm (which
in old Hebrew means "field of blood) represents a quite gifted
militant, showing at this work some interesting (yet waiting to be
polished) potential and a strong proposal… (AP)

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Label: Self-released | Item Code: Various | Country: Canada | Year: 2008 | Genre: Black Metal

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