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Hadez-Even if You Die a Thousand Times (Used) Note: The disc has minor surface marks. Hadez, hailing from Peru, is one of the oldest metal bands therein, beginning in the mid 80's with several demos. In the early 90's their debut album, Aquelarre, was released by Brutal Records. Almost 10 years later, the advent of the second Hadez attack, Even If You Die A Thousand Times, is upon us - sure to leave thousands of dead bodies in its wake. This album begins with an eerie organ intro, which conjures images of Bela Lugosi's Dracula and Max Schreck's Orlok from Nosferatu. The first song kicks in and stabs you mercilessly while screaming curses at you. Jose Bacteria's vocals are great. They vary slightly from song to song, and range from a very authoritative yelling (I can picture him on top of a mountain yelling at ancient demons in this particular voice, commanding them to ravage the world below...) to a very over-the-top shriek not unlike Maniac's vocal performance on Mayhem's Wolf's Lair Abyss. The drumming is extremely tight and wonderful. I can't really compare the music directly to any band, but it is definitely influenced by the old scene which Hadez comes from, and is a masterful blend of old death metal ideas and some black metal. The guitar riffs caused symptoms ranging from premature ejaculation to extreme bursts of sadomasochistic acts in me. http://www.teufelstomb.com/

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Label: Guerreros de la Muerte | Item Code: GM 001 | Country: Peru | Year: 2000 | Genre: Black Metal

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