Gronibard - Satanic Tuning Club (used)

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Gronibard-Satanic Tuning Club (used) France's finest exhibitionists deliver another randy release in the form of this new EP for Bones Brigade. Gronibard outshine their peers with an efficient offering of thick and goofy grooving grind. Things are just as absurd as ever as a barrage of hilarious vocal styles fit perfectly into the pocket of undeniably catchy riffs. Gronibard has always made me think of a gay parade colliding with a French soccer riot but this time the gays brought their acoustic guitars and the soccer match is an auto "tuning" club where young men put stickers and shiny things on their cars. Like a contemporary gay - everything about Gronibard is finely polished to a shiny luster to draw your undivided attention. - Tuefel's Tomb

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Label: Bones Brigade | Item Code: BB 021 | Country: France | Year: 2005 | Genre: Grind

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