Gravewurm - Warbeast / Command of Satan's Blade

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Gravewurm-Warbeast / Command of Satan's Blade From the dark depths of hell crawls the GRAVEWURM... a death metal act with strong 80's influences of blasting metal. There are many worth mentioning here but our main influences are derived from evil metal bands like POSSESSED, early SLAYER, early SODOM, HELLHAMMER and the early efforts of CELTIC FROST. Some of the lesser known bands include SLAUGHTER LORD, NECRODEATH, RAZOR, early WHIPLASH and ONSLAUGHT. From hellish battlefields of blood and bone to the mighty throne of the Lord of Hell, GRAVEWURM is there to bring the realms of darkness a bit closer...

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Label: Self-released | Item Code: GW W/C | Country: United States | Year: 2002 | Genre: Black Metal

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