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Gravewurm-Blood of the Pentagram From the deepest pit of the American underground cult crawls the GRAVEWURM, relentlessly pursuing their muse since 1990: only the darkest, ugliest, absolutely swampiest blackdeath. Now with their seventh and final album "Blood of the Pentagram," GRAVEWURM continue to perfect that muse, engrossingly hypnotizing with an addictive minimalism that's simply bred for headbanging. Darker than ever, uglier than ever, and ever obedient to his majesty at the swamp - drink deep the Blood of the Pentagram! Recommended for diehards of GOATLORD, SODOM, HELLHAMMER, NUNSLAUGHTER, early VARATHRON, and SATHANAS/BATHYM! TRACK LIST: 1) Goat Command, 2) Grave, 3) Deeper Dungeons, 4) Blood Of The Pentagram, 5) Necromance, 6) Brought Before The Altar, 7) Infernal Devilry, 8) Lycanthropic, 9) Hordes Of Hell, 10) Two Coins For Charon, 11) In Praise Of Evil, 12) The Sign Of A Dark Destiny

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Label: Hells Headbangers | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2011 | Genre: Black Metal

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