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Gravewurm-Black Fire RAVEWURM started in October 1990 under the name Dominion to spew forth a blend of death and doom metal in similar regard to their influences at the time. Goatlord, Paradise Lost, Asphyx, Saint Vitus, Cathedral and their biggest influence Hellhammer, lead to the creation of sinister riffs, dirge-like atmospheres and embraced the emerging minimalist school of thought concerning song creation. After two putrid rehearsal tapes, the band changed monikers to Gravewurm due to it's change in writing style and attitude toward the underground. While retaining some of their doom laden influences, the additon of more aggression in their songs paved way for a presence of depressive atmospheres with an infernal grasp of darkened heavy metal. Some new influences were added around '93/'94. At that time, Dark Throne, Funeral Nation, Beherit, Gehenna and Burzum's black metal essence added to the Gravewurm sound which remains to this day. They have played shows with the mighty Destroyer 666, Absurd, Grand Belial's Key, Negative Plane, Slugathor, Arghoslent, Satanic Warmaster, Hellwitch, Merciless Death, At War, Toxic Holocaust, After Death and were a part of the Antichrist Vanguards Tour 2007 which featured Angelcorpse and Watain.

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Label: Time Before Time | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2010 | Genre: Black Metal

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