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PKISM concept "Elizabeth Bathory".. This is the story of a woman who once lived in Hungary... In the year 1560 Elizabeth Bathory, known also by the alias "The Blood Countess," was born to the noble Bathory family of the Kingdom of Hungary. The Bathorys were an esteemed household with ancestry in the royal House of Habsburg, but the well-reputed family's blood was black and stagnant. Many centuries of consanguineous marriages had tainted its bloodline with thirteen genes of ill omen. Believing that bathing in their blood would allow her to preserve her own beauty, Elizabeth Bathory murdered 666 young virgins. It is said that the castle garden where these virgins were buried, drained of their blood, was thereafter overgrown with roses of deep crimson... .. GPKISM will tell the story of her unfortunate fate through their music...

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Label: CRKK | Item Code: Various | Country: Japan | Genre: Electronic

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