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Ghoul-Splatterthrash GHOUL is back with their 3rd album, "Splatterthrash"! Over 40 minutes of thundering hell from Creepsylvania! The fearsome foursome returns with an album that will finally turn the world towards pure and unadulterated evil. Get ready to melt your brain once again with brand new splatterthrashing tunes from your favorite hooded imbeciles!

All of your favorite characters are back as well! Killbot! Mr.Fang! The Swamp Hag! The third chapter from these creeps goes deeper into the tombs of Creepsylvania than ever before! Heads will bang...and then roll!

So listen up all you goreaholics and gutgougers...GHOUL is hungry and want your flesh! Offer it up now or pay the price! And at the same the price of the CD and order now!! Muuhhhhhaaaaa!!!

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Label: Razorback | Item Code: RR 38 | Country: United States | Year: 2006 | Genre: Grind

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