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Ghast / Rape-X-Ghast / Rape-X The new disgusting creature was born on OBSKURE SOMBRE RECORDS - the new split release with GHAST's ominous appearance. GHAST / RAPE-X, total five tracks for almost 70(!) minutes total playing time.

The next GHAST's monster is about almost 12 minutes. "Tetanos" has extremely simple drumset, but gigantic disgusting influence on brains.
A short prelude of noise irritants mixture and then torturous filthy doom oppression. Damn! This band becames uglier with every new release and i'm afraid even to imagine what will be the next embodiment of GHAST. Recommended only for those freaks who love an extreme mutationed alloy of ascetic doom and dangerous noise. For real sick freaks!

So GHAST will crush a half of your head. Another half will be crushed by the opponent of canadians on this Split.

Side B is a territory of RAPE-X. Three tracks are united by one title 'Civil Servant'. Chapter one named "The Cop", chapter two named "The Commissioner", chapter three named "The Mayor". Well what can i say? Much more agressive noise attack than canadians had. A powerful constant noise beam oriented into infinity along with awful mutant harsh voices will wreck an each molecule of your person. Of course "The Mayor" is the apogee of this noise violence. I am almost sure that you will not stand this twenty-minutes-punishment. Because a psyche of the most humans is not prepared for this kind of mockery. Definitely your mind will grow turbid after this sadistic stuff.

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Label: Obskure Sombre Records | Item Code: Various | Country: Canada | Year: 2008 | Genre: Black Drone

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