Gee as in Jesus - Remind the Forgetful (used) CD Review

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2005-05-04 : Monkey Monkey
Perhaps the greatest strange band in the world. More listenable and sing along-able to than Wesley Willis.
2005-05-04 : Pauldog : Link
Gee as in Jesus has to be heard to believed. And even then, it's hard to know whether to become a hog-wild beleeever or a cold-hearted skeptikk. They are a crazy, Bible-thumpin', hard-drinkin', sometimes comical semi-acoustic band that supposedly settled in Anderson, Indiana after growing up in their ancestral lands in the coal country of West Virginia.

They do songs like "Don't Drink the Turpentine," "Thank You Dear Jesus [You Gave Us Diseases]," "Alcohol Jesus and Death," "Kill them for the Lord," as well as obscure Bible readings and Louvin Brothers covers.

They scare the Death Metal poseurs who go to their shows to catch the other bands on the same record label, Root of All Evil Records. Earl Root, proprietor of Root of All Evil (and of Root Cellar Records in St. Paul, Minnesota), added them for a breath of fresh air and for something so completely different that it will blow your mind, restore it, and blow it again, maybe even unto the 7th time.

All I can say is - give them a listen for sure - it is different all over again from everything else that is different, and you will listen to it at least 4 times to make sure you really heard what you thought you heard the first, second, and third times. And you won't know whether to laugh, cry, gnash your teeth, whoop, scratch all over, or scream a bloodcurdling scream before giving your life over to a Jesus that Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, William F. Buckley, and George W. Bush and his momma didn't even know existed.