Funerot - Invasion of the Death Dimension

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Funerot-Invasion of the Death Dimension 12 tracks of post-apocalyptic, nuclear waste drenched thrash metal from the Pacific Northwest. Fans of Engorged, Ghoul, and Municipal Waste be prepared...a new thrash-juggernaut is ready to do battle!

The INVASION has begun! From the sea, the skies, and the DEATH DIMENSION. That's right... a horde of mutants, robots, madmen, dinosaurs, and other horrific creatures are thrashing their way through FUNEROT's 12-song debut, "Invasion From The Death Dimension". This mighty metal megaton fiend is thirsting for blood - YOURS! Try to cannot escape! Try to's your last mistake!

FUNEROT de-livers their misshapen mangled metal melodies with comic book and horror film inspired anecdotes, creating new chapters in the anthology of terror and sci-fi weirdness that has been untimely left to fester and rot while a nu-breed of horror and metal plagues the brains of the willing.

So sit back, let the regression set in, and have some goddamn fun!

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Label: Razorback | Item Code: RR 35 | Country: United States | Year: 2005 | Genre: Death Metal

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