Funeral Inception - Anthems of Disenchantment CD Review

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2002-11-12 : Doni of Funeral Inception : Link
some reviews from Worldwide metalscene !

".... The four piece plays semi technical Death Metal but does not forget that this style should mainly punch one in th face, they have a solid production, Fans of Suffocation can buy the album !!! ...." - Rock Hard (German's Biggest Heavy Metal Magazine)
"They are doing a damn fine job themselves. ... 45 minutes of sheer brutality, guttural vocals and an overall intense, technical songwriting .... this release ends up being another worthy purchase for ALL OF YOU DEATH METAL LOVING BASTARDS !!!" - Voices From The Darkside (Germany)
"Great blasting songs which go straight ahead! Blasts, Groove, Blasts, etc. and that's the way it should be. This band really don't have to hide behind the American or European bands. I can really recommend this one and Warpath Records made a great deal. All friend of American Death/Grind can't ignore it. The cover is great, too, so this album got everyting what a good release needs !" - Possessed (Germany)
"... In this album you will find pure brutal death metal in the american style, download to high velocity, rhtym of changes that will leave you annihilate and a great techniques .... between the bands that we can say have influence them are Suffocation and Deeds of Flesh. So you must find this work if you like the mentioned groups !!!" - Necromance Magazine (Peru)
".... the band is after the jugular with its
Disgorge-meets-Deeds Of Flesh-meets-Suffocation attack.
The speed varies between the mid-paced and fast and
the sound is good. Fans of death metal will be smiling
as they crank this up! - Metallian (Canada)
".... Heavy, darkly and racing fast does not have to
appear paradoxical, because everything
FUNERAL INCEPTION bring in the hand turning
under a hat. Thus this debut works very
intensively and leaves an aftertaste such as
Immolation in genious debut "Dawn Of Possession".
- (Germany)
".... As soon as you get the CD into the player,
it's "right in your face"! This album is 45 minutes of
hamerring metal, and obviously aims at blowing your
brain out - the rhythm is always on the
high speed position! (France)
Quite inspired by acts like DEEDS OF FLESH and
MONSTROSITY the band also succeeds in incorporating
great own ideas! Very diverse brutality with a
powerful production!!!
Fratricide (France)
Bloodcifery (Spain)

"...The perfect touch for the benefit and delight of lovers of the Brutal Death yet Technical and complex. This debut album demonstrates that quality has beyond all doubt, and even diria that surpasses fully to many of the old continent and even of the States .... "
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Netherland)

"....Funeral Inception is a deathgrind band, that can be compared to a less techinal & less talented version of Dying Fetus. The music is pretty fucking heavy and most songs blast away damn good...."
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Germany)

“…In the vein of Deeds Of Flesh, early Cryptopsy and Suffocation the quartet blasts through ten strong songs that could convince me after a short period of getting used to them. Helpful are complex riffs, killer drumming and the ultra deep vocals. Funeral Inception are really good at their instruments. No holds barred, they give you the full dose of technical stuff, brutal and full of crazy breaks…."