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Forgotten Tomb-Songs To Leave Digipack with bonus tracks! Depressive suicidal act Forgotten Tomb comes from Italy with its dark and blackened metal. Even though the music has more than enough black metal elements, I wouldn't label Forgotten Tomb as black metal band as there are just much more to it and the concept of this one-man band is far away from basic black metal. Forgotten Tomb's music is atmospheric and gloomy slow-paced dark/black metal with a lot of influence from older Katatonia (Brave Murder Day -era and stuff before that) and even some doom metal -elements. What makes Forgotten Tomb more black metallish are the distorted and raw scremed vocals which resemble Burzum's vocals on excellent Filosofem album. They are inhuman and tortured, perfectly fitting in the oppressive atmosphere of FT. Katatonia-like melodies are excellent and they are at some parts supported by cold keyboard parts. Everything is almost perfectly entwined together. Soundwise there isn't really nothing to complain, either. Sound is clear but not too polished or clean and the distorted guitar sound is rough enough to create a bit doomish feeling to the music. One thing I'm not sure about are the drums. They sound like a drum-machine at certain points, but that didn't disturb me a bit. After a couple of listening times the album gets better and better and I think this is one of the best albums of the year, especially if you listen to this in the dark. If you're into depressive and gloomy black/dark metal, check this out and let the blood run! Reviewed by Serpent

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Label: Adipocere | Item Code: AR 093 (used) | Country: Italy | Year: 2002 | Genre: Black Metal

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