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Forgotten Tomb-Negative Megalomania FORGOTTEN TOMB are a well-establish Black Metal band from Piacenze in Italy. Since 1999 the four piece band have been playing a style of Black Metal to make the musical masses envious and the fans delirious with joy, or distraught with depression which would be far more apt.

With "Negative Megalomania" comes Forgotten Tomb's forth album and in my opinion, their greatest achievement to date. Not only does it show a huge amount of musical progression and in the right direction, but it also signifies their coming of age as musicians. This album is practically perfect and fabulously flawless. I'm going to make a bold prediction and state that this will be one of the best albums this year... 2007. If that doesn't give the reader an indication at how good this is, nothing will.

As previously stated, Forgotten Tomb have made a notable progression musically. They're still as melancholic and melodic as before, but with a huge difference and that difference comes in the form of the vocals. I've heard a lot of talk about the vocals recently and they've received mixed reactions to say the least, but i for one am glad of the change in style. We're still left with the old Black Metal wails reminiscent of the old Forgotten Tomb, but we're now invited to listen to the new clean vocals that they had audaciously decided upon adding. They add a whole new dimension to Forgotten Tomb's music, a an addition i like ... A LOT!

The songs are very well balanced and contain the right amount of emotion, thus making this not over-the-top in its approach. The production is crystal clear making it easy to distinguish between all the instruments meaning they all play a significant role in making the music what it is. The songs are generally very long, but they're not a struggle to get through. In actual fact, you'll find that time really does fly after you listen to this recording. The songs are thoroughly enjoyable, even if Forgotten Tomb are considered to be a "Depressive" or "Suicidal" act. Within the music you can very much feel that. It's highly emotive, i believe the clean vocals make the music more emotive than before and add a new dimension to the mood of the music. The guitars are steady and build the melody fantastically. The drums are consistent and affective. The speed of the music is important in creating it's desired affect. Ranging from mid-paced to fast-paced. As touched on before, the music can often be quite "Depressing", though quite uplifting at stages.

What strikes me about this recent album is, that its probably accessible to many people who may like a whole different range of genres, not including Black Metal. All in all this is a modern masterpiece and a future classic.

Highlights include ... Well, ALL of it.

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Label: Avantgarde | Item Code: Various | Country: Italy | Year: 2007 | Genre: Black Metal

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