Folkearth - Valhalla Acendant

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Folkearth-Valhalla Acendant Because of the structure of Folkearth, the recording is also different from that of most bands. Each song begins from an individual or band that is involved in Folkearth and later the other members add their touch to it. Sometimes the work on a single song is based on a single riff or melody; other times some artist writes a song entirely on his own and other musicians simply orchestrate minor details on it. The band members also don't work all together, but rather in small groups, exchanging material they record with others. The music Folkearth makes is regular folk/Viking metal, while they incorporate a diverse selection of folk instruments, such as lute, nyckelharpa, shawm, saz and many others. The extent that traditional instruments and elements are used varies greatly between songs.

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Label: Stygian Crypt | Item Code: Various | Country: International | Year: 2012 | Genre: Viking Metal

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