Finnugor - Death Before Dawn

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Finnugor-Death Before Dawn
Says the band themselves:
Later when we started to work on the second album "Death Before Dawn". I started to write different stories (song lyrics). This second album is not about only one conception. The album tells about a lot of scary horror stories (or sometimes about my own visions). About at the middle of the work I invited Attila Csihar for guest featuring on the album (for the song "Cosmic Nest Of Decay"). Some months later, Attila came home to Hungary and we recorded a video for the "Cosmic Nest Of Decay" song. When the video was ready, I sent it to the biggest music TV channel in Hungary (VIVA+). They liked its eerie atmosphere and Attila's scary performance very much. They have been playing our video for about half a year almost every week! (in their Metal show, called "Megawatt") It's a very popular Black Metal video here and also infamous. haha! Because it's so disgusting and aggressive. Maybe the most disgusting Hungarian Metal video ever. Who knows? Maybe this is why it's so popular! haha! So, the first thing what made us well-known in my country was the book, called "Black Flames" (written based upon our song lyrics). And our second attack (for terrorising the people) was the FINNUGOR video (with Attila Csihar) for the second album. Nowadays, I think most of the Hungarian Black Metal fans heard about FINNUGOR band. And many people fear this name. (who saw our video on the TV) haha!

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Label: Adipocere | Item Code: AR 74 | Country: Hungary | Year: 2003 | Genre: Black Metal

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