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Fading Waves-The Sense of the Space Honestly, this is the first time I've heard of this band and from what I've seen "Fading Waves" is a one-man project. Alexey Maximuk is the man behind "Fading Waves" and "The sense of space", the album we're going to talk about, is the first full length release.

The album begins with "Airs" a short song of 2 minutes and 45 seconds, call it a short intro for "The Sense of Space" album.
This are 2 minutes of eerie music with some spacey and really atmospheric sound effects. In the background you can also hear some low radio voices, something similar to the ones heard in the clips about "space missions".

Although "Airs" is not a long song, that calm atmosphere continues with "Flashes". We find the same passages of keyboards, passages that bring the feeling of infinity, some calm guitar notes and something I was really not expecting, an angelic female vocal.All these elements are clearly described in the lyrics also, they create one eerie image: "Imagine how you sail in these clouds, slowly, lying on your back". Well, this is how the song sounds like.

"Destroying the time", the third song on the album is a little bit more aggressive, it starts with some distorted guitar riffs, some fast drum rhythms and it keeps its intensity until the end. I was really pleasant surprised when the harsh vocals made their appearance. I heard something similar with "Snohtbaen Son".

"Perforated the time" is a mix between "The Sense of Space" and "Destroying the time", a blend between what is worldly and celestial.

The final song on the album, "Through the veins" hits you hard, right from the start with some really heavy drumming, there's a lot of energy into this song. After 2 minutes played, we have again those harsh vocals, but somewhere at the middle of the song, the intensity starts to drop and the female vocals appear. This moment of calmness is short, the ending is yet again very energetic, quite apocalyptic, insane guitar riffs, hard drum beats, this ending goes straight trough your veins.

The album is more worldly than the name says, "The sense of space", only the beginning of the album gives the sensation of space, infinite and silence. After the first two songs that spacey feeling is slowly fading away, all becomes "mortal", rushed, harsh and explosive. "The sense of space" is good release, something for the people who like the "metal" approach in the post rock movement, well yeah, that's why it's called post metal.

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Label: Slow Burn | Item Code: Various | Country: Russia | Year: 2011 | Genre: Post Rock

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