Facedowninshit - Shit Bloody Shit CD Review

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2004-10-21 : strangewaves : Link
Though I think it sounds more like Slayer having sex with a Sabath 45 while its still in the sleeve at your grandma's garage sale, I agree with everything else said here. Its super, neo-maxoid heavy without being stale - lotsa beautiful change-ups. Also, the Melvins come to mind...
2004-06-16 : damon
this cd is funny
2004-01-12 : mikey scapegoat : Link
oh my fucking christ is this album powerful. If you combined black sabbath with hisheroisgone and a touch of manisthebastared you would get facedowninshit. The music is brutal, yet also manages to carry some very epic undertones. The song cinders in particular is amazing. They use a violin for the intro and it is absolutely amazing. The buildup is so intense. This album leaves you wanting more. I definitely recomend this to anyone who is a fan of intense crust, grind, hardcore or sludge.