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Excommunion-Superion Tracklist:
Rendering The Demon Gate
Serpent Of Deep
Until Obliveon
The Rites Of The Excommunion
Suffering Unto The Damned

During one of my frequent visits to the CD store my eye caught the front cover of the EXCOMMUNION album, "Superion". I had heard some very good things about this band before, so I decided to add it to my collection.
EXCOMMUNION is a relatively new American band, founded in 1998 under the name GOATDEAMON, and "Superion" is their debut album. Interesting fact is that they already have managed to appear on a MORBID ANGEL tribute CD, which is quite an achievement for such a new band. After listening to the album I can at least agree that they belong on a MORBID ANGEL tribute album because musically the connection is evident. The material on "Superion" has a lot of the newer style of MORBID ANGEL on it, but not only resorts to the slow, brooding passages…

There is something I wanna say about those passages in general actually. The slow brooding parts are fantastic, but they have to be used properly. There is such a thing as too slow for me. Where some bands have found the perfect formula, there are plenty of cases where it's too slow and totally rips the music out of it's natural flow. This in no way suggests that this would be the case for EXCOMMUNION… not all the time at least. Much diversity in pace can be found on "Superion" which means that sometimes they go below that "line of speed". The 8 minute long "Serpent Of Deep" is an example where this happens from time to time, but on the other hand, it's understandable for such a long song.

I think the strong diversity in pace is one of the strongest weapons in the arsenal of EXCOMMUNION. And of course this band knows how to handle their instruments. But, I feel that Death Metal is more or less in a phase where a lot of bands are musically fantastic, I mean, you have to be to at least be noticed. However, it makes it hard to give an objective opinion how the band stands in the genre. On one hand I find a lot of promising things in EXCOMMUNION, on the other hand I still don't feel this is groundbreaking.

Groundbreaking or not, the quality of this band is clear, their presence on the tribute CD seems deserved, it's now just a matter of seeing how the band develops their sound. "Superion" is a very good start, but definitely not yet a guarantee for their future. (Online October 14, 2002)

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Label: Mercenary Musik | Item Code: MM 71271 | Country: United States | Year: 2002 | Genre: Death Metal

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