Exciter - Unveiling the Wicked

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Exciter-Unveiling the Wicked High pitched, high energy, earth shaking heavy metal! "Unveiling the Wicked" remains pretty close to the formula the band has followed since the beginning. There are a few more commercial moments on this disc, although no one would dare to say that this disc approaches 'sellout.' Dan Beehler's vocals are still glass shattering, the riffs still pummeling, and the speed is still there for the most part as well. However, songs like "Die In The Night" and "School Rules" slow things down a tad and give the disc a bit more variety than past albums. For some reason these two songs remind me of fellow Canadian metalhead's Anvil. This is one of the more rare Exciter releases. Not even sure who released this CD version. I was always under the assumption the "Unveiling the Wicked" never made it to CD, however, since I have a disc sitting in my hand right now, I was obviously wrong.

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Label: Combat Records | Item Code: Exciter | Country: Canada | Year: 1986 | Genre: Thrash Metal

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