Evanesce - Sower of Sedition

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Evanesce-Sower of Sedition think second album At The Gates, first album Amorphis, and first album In Flames (before they started to suck). the only personnel change is the new vocalist, who screams in a much more powerful way than the last one, in a guttural screaming style similar to Darkest Hour.

Songwise this is a lot more extreme and varied than the last record, its also a lot darker and more menacing, right down to the eerie drum rolls characteristic of their sound. The production is also far superior, Dave Chang seems to be the only person in the UK that produces records these days. All in all, If you like Death Metal, then pick this up, I can't really say much else.

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Label: Retribute Records | Item Code: RET 004 | Country: United States | Year: 2000 | Genre: Death Metal

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