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Essence of Existence-Ephemeris Sun Black vortex from Carpathian woods out on January 13,2004 on SONIC TEMPLE RECORDS! After 2 demo(n)s it´s time for long awaited debut full length CD of the most promising black metal band in Slovakia. Fast sophisticated black metal with death and doom metal influences: avant-garde, melodic, atmospheric, emotional and with tons of brutality! This is the black metal of the 21st century! No human ever heard before their way of merging different metal styles. The alchemy of deadly fast and atmospheric depressive slow sequences contains classical ingredients of the existence essence: harmony of magic spheres (guitars - Astral, Technology), atmospheric chorale shocks (keyboards - Fear) and undying pulsar (bass - n'ght), on the basis of genetic programming (Astral, Technology ) of rhythmic time signals (Unbeing). This is all to veil reminiscences of beings from different space-time realities in the super-cosmos described by twilight glow, dawn chorus, relict glow (scream, growling, spoken word - Void, Astral, N'ght) and stellar seducing (female vocals - Fear). THIS CD IS READY TO DEVOUR YOUR SOULS! GET READY FOR DEPRESSIVE ECSTASY CRUSHING YOUR MIND!

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Label: Sonic Temple | Item Code: STR 001 | Country: Romania | Year: 2004 | Genre: Doom Metal

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