Enid - Der Tag zur Nacht sich senkt...

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Enid-Der Tag zur Nacht sich senkt... ENID is a solo project of Martin Wiese from Porta Westfalica in Germany. It was founded in 1997 and plays symphonic fantasy-metal. After the successful and enthusiastically reviewed demo "Enid", an EP was recorded which was named "Der Tag zur Nacht sich senkt."
Together with more detailed, worked out song-structures and a highly improved sound the musicians give evidence of the positive musical development of ENID. Martin developed ENID´s music in the field of compository elements that "Abschiedsreigen" presents itself as a very suspenseful and variable liaison of metal, folk and classical music, which has never existed in this form and intensity.
The complex lyrical concept contains the life of an old man who, while he is going to die very soon, goes through the main passages of his existence. The lyrics, also written by Martin, are very poetic, as always symbolic and figurativeand additionally explained by a narrative. A fully impressive work, which gives during an attentive occupation with it a massive basement for reflection...

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Label: Ketzer | Item Code: KV ENID | Country: Germany | Year: 2001 | Genre: Metal

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