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Endless Dismal Moan-Ruin "The most [best-selling] band on BlackMetal.com Records at Northern Heritage mailorder site!" -- Mikko / Northern Heritage, Finland

"ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN is the pride of Osaka!" -- DISK HEAVEN OSAKA (Ryo Asai)

Antinomian Black Metal Underground rising!
Truly iconoclastic ground-breaking Asian Black Metal: the much-anticipated third full-length album by Japan's ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN on our own BlackMetal.com Records label! (Autumnal Solstice 2007)

Diehard fans of imaginative and unique Black Metal from EDM rejoice! Another 7 songs of outstanding 'one-of-a-kind' Blackened artistry purveying grim insanity, darkened delirium, transcendental other-worldy dissonance, and disturbing sonic euphoria from the mysterious and enigmatic Kansai genius known only as CHAOS9! Fans all over the planet (from Southern California to Seattle and New York, over to France, England, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Russia, and Italy, etc.) have discovered the rare aural magic unleashed via the two previous albums ("Endless Dismal Moan" [self-titled debut, now SOLD OUT, pending re-issue in the future], and "Lord of Nightmare") to become rabid cult worshippers of this peerless one-man band. An inventive pioneering blend of necro Nordic influence and distinctly oriental atmosphere with quasi-post-industrial ambience and Underground aggression -- a truly singular, extraordinarily high-calibre potency and unparalleled creation is the triumphant domain of ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN! For the most part, still a 'secret' virtually hidden to the majority of the mainstream press and so-called 'Kult' cognoscenti, EDM exist successfully to consistently mesmerize and enthrall the adoring legions of addicted afficionados. The clues are revealed to only the most adventurous... Reject the dross of over-the-counter mediocrity for a taste of the new abyss welling up in your soul-- feed it with ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN "RUIN" now!

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Label: Black Metal.com | Item Code: Various | Country: Japan | Year: 2007 | Genre: Black Metal

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