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Empire Auriga-Ascending the Solarthrone THE CULT LONG-AWAITED 2ND ALBUM !!!!
EMPIRE AURIGA's debut album, "Auriga Dying", was critically acclaimed for its ahead-of-the-time fusion of black metal, dark ambient, and industrial, all coalescing into a cosmic black hole that was both devouring and debilitating. Eight years later, EMPIRE AURIGA return with the highly anticipated "Ascending the Solar Throne". Aptly titled once again, EMPIRE AURIGA bring us the true sound of interstellar death with "Ascending the Solar Throne". Here, the mysterious duo exists as the delirious melancholia awakened by union with the void, wisps encircling the kernal of futility at the center of each body, shining with listless abandon, seething as evaporation through obsolete ruins, smoldering with the intuition of having seen through the membrane. This is the sound of "Ascending the Solar Throne"!
* Highly anticipated second full-length album!
* Cult cosmic cover art that will attract all Martial / Ambient / Black Metal fans.
* Forward-thinking, mind-altering US band melding Martial, Ambient, Black Metal and Industrial.
* Sci-fi inspired cosmic soundscapes !
* Mandatory for fans of MZ.412, Leviathan, Death In June, Burzum, Current 93 and The Moon Lay Hidden.

Track Listing:
1. Prophetic Light 5:45
2. Jubilee Warlord 5:32
3. The Solarthrone 5:01
4. Waste 2:50
5. Planetary Awakening 5:30
6. Are You Worthy of Gold? 4:06
7. The Foundation of All Human Fears 4:56
8. The Last Passage of Azon Grul 7:21

Also Available on Moribund Records by Empire Auriga:

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Label: Moribund | Item Code: DEAD 205 | | Year: 2014 | Genre: Black Metal

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