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Emma Conquest-Gemini Bound Emma Conquest (RIP) emerged proper in 1995, after fiddling about since the early '90s. They submerged in 2001 when founding member Simon jumped ship. Other members were Ryan, the other founding member, and Tim, who joined because hed just bought a bass guitar that day.

In their brief existence of inactivity they released one CD EP ('The Lunatic of Substance' on 3rd Walrus Records, a parody of the Neph's 'Second Seal' track suffix. It wasn't even funny back then ;) ), one album promo taster cassette, which didn't contain any of the tracks that eventually appeared on the album, and the album itself, 'Gemini Bound', which was so long-awaited that the shops had shut. The promo taster included the track that was the most-oft played Conquest track in clubs, 'Confide In Me', a beepy guitary cover of Kylie's hit single (produced by Mike 'Manuskript' Uwins, who also produced the album.) This only ever surfaced on CD once, on Nightbreed's 'New Alternatives 4' - still available, I believe.

The EP sold out in a few months, the tape sold out in three minutes after they played 'Confide' at the WGW, and the album still hasn't sold out (have a look on Amazon - theres a cracking review by a totally impartial chap .. yet, strangely, he used to run the web site..)

In the late '90s the band toured Germany on a double-headliner with This Burning Effigy, as well as playing a number of festivals and a smattering of other gigs during their stint as a three-piece goth band, so goth that they were allowed to pretend not to be. A tour was planned to promote the album, but all fell apart when the band fell apart.

Still, they got a mention on Radio One when one DJ claimed that 'all Emmas are crap', prompting Tim to ring up proclaiming that 'I'm in a band called Emma Conquest, and were not crap!' That's Tim Modest Macedo-Hatch for you.

Ryan went on to form the band In Isolation with John Berry, formerly of Die Laughing.

Not much else to say, apart from: everyone should own the album because it's mind-blowingly fantastic with cracking tunes and fabulous vocals.

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Label: Grave News | Item Code: Various | Country: United Kingdom | Year: 2000 | Genre: Rock

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