Elvira Madigan - Witches - Salem (1692 vs. 2001)

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Elvira Madigan-Witches - Salem (1692 vs. 2001) Review from "MUSIC EXTREME WEBZINE". Rated 5/5

"This is with no doubt one of the best CDs that I have ever listened. The perfect mix between heaviness, melody, atmospheres and feelings. The perfect mix from what is powerful and what is subtle. Here we have Elvira Madigan who is a one man band whose brain and heart is Marcus H. Marcus is behind every note that is played on this CD and he has achieved a masterpiece! I have not listened to the previous Elvira Madigan´s album "Black Arts" but if it is half as good as this one then that would be a great album to listen!! The main thing here is the contrast between the heavy guitars (really well mixed) and vocals and the keyboards and melodies: yes, this things interact in some parts, in others clash one against each other, and in others they mix in a really subtle form. One thing that is essential to Elvira Madigan´s sound are the keyboards which give a lot of the feeling and atmosphere here (along with the guitars that make a lot of climatic passages that are fundamental here. This is a conceptual album with lyrics about witchery and inquisition whose complete story you can read on Elvira Madigan´s website. I have to say it again: One of the best CDs I have ever listened."

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Label: CD Maximum | Item Code: CDM 0502-880 | Country: Russia | Year: 2001 | Genre: Gothic Metal

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