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Eidolon-Coma Nation While normally I find Power Metal to be either flat out bad or simply redundant, there is a short list of Power Metal acts out there that have captured me with their finesse and power (no pun intended). Acts such as VALLEY'S EVE and NEVERMORE (if they could be considered as such) who combine a good, crunchy guitar sound with great vocals that, although high at times, never seem to irritate me. With the release of "Coma Nation", EIDOLON have made that short list just a little bit longer.
The title track is a perfect example of what to do when writing a Power Metal song. It kicks off with a shredding guitar riff, announcing the arrival of the racing drums that are about to follow. At this point, everything was riding on one thing; the vocals. Although it did take some adjusting to, it wasn't long before I began to appreciate Pat Mulock's unique vocal style, and eventually I just could not see this music without his voice atop it all.

The ever so cheesy ballads are even done with class on this disc, and I surprisingly don't feel the need to press the 'skip' button on my CD player. "Life Of Agony" combines enough heaviness with mood in order to keep the song from getting sappy, but while still making the listener feel the emotion of the song.

Unlike so many other albums out there, the material on this one doesn't begin to drag as it nears completion. In fact, the two last tracks, "From Below" and the epic "Within The Gates" are probably the two best cuts on the album along with "Coma Nation". The vocal lines on the chorus of "From Below" never fail to evoke a sense of darkness that I more than welcome on this release. Although Slowed down to an almost balladesque speed, the overall tone of the song is much to bleak to be considered as such. Then the album comes to a close with a massive 18 minute + closer that holds a few pleasant surprises. To begin with, it isn't a typical epic song with highflying melodies, keyboards, choruses etc… Instead EIDOLON keep their style and incorporate a couple of other elements. Low chanting is one of them, but the most surprising of all has to be the Death Metal growls, which are used perfectly in this song. Not too much, not too little, but enough to give the desired effect. Although the song does seem to stray from time to time, it does keep a certain sense of unity.

Utilizing a few odd twists and turns, EIDOLON have given me new hope that there just might be some Power Metal out there worth listening to. (Online July 2, 2003)

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Label: Metal Blade Records | Item Code: MB 14416 | Country: Canada | Year: 2002 | Genre: Power Metal

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