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Edge of Sanity-Crimson II (used) In excellent condition!!!! "Crimson II" had been making mouths drool in anticipation even before it's release, and how couldn't it. It's THE follow-up to one of Metal world's most legendary masterpieces ever (in Europe anyway) for crying out loud! And it wasn't just that, it was going to be a new full-length from the man himself, Dan Swanö! He is undoubtedly one of today's most talented musicians and can practically play any instrument he wishes to or, as is the case on "Crimson II", all of them. I mean how many people can do that? And how many people can basically do any kind of music they please? Melodic Death Metal, old-school Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Melodic Metal you name it, he's done it. He's been in several bands and had his own solo-projects not to mention numerous guest appearances. In short Dan Swanö is a productive, multi-talented genius!

"Crimson II", like "Crimson", is made up of one huge song, but unlike the previous opus this is divided into 44 fragments that go together seamlessly. Personally I find that a bit unnecessary, even more so when the song is further divided into nine bigger themes. If I'd have to point out one negative thing here that would be it (just goes to show how petty I am). As a side-note I read somewhere that the song is so divided by request from the label in order to prevent "Crimson II" to be sold as a single, which apparently happened to "Crimson" on some occasions. Kudos to those poor fools, but still I think it's a bit exaggerated.

I can't help but feel that Dan Swanö had a strong intuition on how the sequel would turn out to be even before he started to write it. Everything fits in so perfectly that I can only admire this man's genius once again. Musical ideas from Dan's other bands are shamelessly 'stolen' and transformed to make "Crimson II" what it is. NIGHTINGALE type melodic riffs go hand in hand with EDGE OF SANITY's trademark style Death Metal only to be joined by "Moontower"-like keyboards and BLOODBATH kind of ferocious vocal delivery. Riffs and passages from "Crimson" are mutated anew and oh so much more! And everything sounds like it was born just to be on this CD. Simply magical!

Alrighty, the word variation shouldn't even have to be mentioned here. It's a fact, like saying that the Sun rises from the east and sets in the west. "Crimson II" combines the best parts of Progressive and Death Metal and creates one of the most enthralling Metal slabs I've yet to hear. Death Metal intertwines with slower parts perfectly resulting in one purely unique and hypnotising experience. There are so many layers here that the whole will only unveil after numerous re-visits into the world of "Crimson II". It simply cannot be put into words. The only thing I can compare this to is OPETH. This is like that incredible feeling you had when you really (I mean REALLY) got into OPETH for the first time. Touched the magic inside and just for a moment saw a glimpse of what lies beyond this world.

Another word that shouldn't have to be said out loud is emotion. From the first notes of the music to the last dying sounds "Crimson II" goes through a plethora of emotions. All wrapped around the lyrical concept of a fantasy story written by Clive Nolan and adorned with a beautiful cover by Kristian Wåhlin.

The guest appearances are not to be counted out either. Among others there's Mike Wead (MERCYFUL FATE) who throws in some amazing solos. Roger Johansson and Jonas Granvik cover for Mikael Åkerfeldt, who growled on "Crimson", and handle half of the growling while the maestro himself handles the other half. Need I mention that Dan has one of the best voices, both growling and clean, ever?!

The production? Well Dan took care of that by himself as well so the result is nothing less than top-notch. Everything is clear but still heavy and powerful as hell, for example the bass feels all the way up my spine. Every instrument is in it's rightful place and there's also a couple of really neat tricks Dan pulls from his sleeve.

So, once again Dan Swanö delivered the goods as he promised. "Crimson II" is yet another masterpiece from this genius and will provide musical ecstasy for a long long time to come. Every fan of Dan Swanö and EDGE OF SANITY have already bought this and if you like Progressive Death Metal you should too. "Crimson II" is one of the highlights of the year and judging from my urge to simply play it again and again and again it's just about secured it's place in my top ten of 2003 already. Hell, make it my top five. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if this would be number one in many people's lists!

Now excuse me while I go and indulge myself on some more crimson brilliance… (Online September 27, 2003) - JARI / www.metal-observer.com

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Label: Black Mark | Item Code: CM 168 | Country: Sweden | Year: 2003 | Genre: Death Metal

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