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Dreamscapes of the Perverse-The Rise of Self This five song EP from this North Carolina band is limited to 1,000 copies so I recommend hunting it down, as their full-length is due out later this year under the working title The September Conspiracies and if The Rise of Self is any indication, U.S. black metal my have a new contender to deal with. That's not really surprising when you consider Dreamscapes of the Perverse has in its ranks, former members of Daylight Dies and underground stalwarts Envenom Thy Winds and Cernunnos! What we have here is black/death metal with the emphasis on the black part, you'll find all sorts of expected influences surfacing in DOTP's sounds, but they do a top notch job of adding their own unique touch. In here, you'll find obvious European black metal touches such as the sweeping synths and frenzied Northern guitar work. But where Dreamscapes of the Perverse are different is their technical, cerebral feel that they exude - this is not swords 'n' corpsepaint black metal, but more of a thinking man's black metal, a less complex Scholomance would be a good comparison. DOTP are perfectly capable of introducing carefully scripted introspective interludes within songs that never come across as piecemeal of perfunctory, aided by deep lyrics; the theatrics and cheese commonly associated to black metal is left out, resulting only in quality emotive black metal with a neoclassical feel. After the needless 48 second intro, "Whilst Eternity Burns" starts with misleading Scandinavian fervor, but within its seven minutes weaves many moods and atmospheres. The final half of the song is an epic journey into...well, dreamscapes of sorts, and despite the ill-advised spoken word segment (why the strange foreign accent?), it's an impassioned few minutes of music that allows keyboardist Ron Kirk to show of his ivory tinkering skills and clean vocals. The section blends seamlessly into the 10-minute "In Anguished Verse", a mid-paced epic/ballad of sorts that sheds the black metal tag for its entirety, and covers melodic death metals bases with proficient ease and confidence of a far more experienced act. The grandiose mid section just seems far more convincing than many black metal's forced moments of atmosphere. Considering the Daylight Days ties, its mournful nature seems a perfect fit. The black metal cape is donned briefly for the opening of the title track that weaves a vicious complex web, and at over 7-minutes also includes enough variation and tempos to break my attempted musical pigeonholing. As usual with an EP, it's hard to gauge a band's material. You never know if a band has blown its collective wad with three songs or has much more in the sac, so to speak. We'll find out later this year I guess, but based on three songs alone, Dreamscapes of the Perverse have displayed they could be a force to reckon with when they get their full album out. With time, Daugherty's full attention and some lineup issues stymied, and a slightly richer production, DOTP could be the flag bearer for U.S. black metal that it has sorely needed for years.
[Erik Thomas]

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Label: Profane Records | Item Code: PR 666 01 | Country: United States | Year: 2002 | Genre: Black Metal

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