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In digipack! "Voidwards is an album without beginning, without end, without past, without future. Are our dreams solely wanderings between the abyss, earth and sky?"

Put the album in the CD player and very soon you are drawn to a place out of this world. I mean, really, how many albums, how many bands, how many songs have you ever heard that transported you to "somewhere else"? I don't know about you, but for me only a handful and I'm not being very picky!

Remember the above quote? How true this statement is! I am just thankful that I had the chance to listen and review this amazing album. It's one of those moments where you can't really find the right words, the right feelings and the right language to describe this masterpiece of music called "Voidwards".

This is not your average music album. This is not your average music. This is a release for people who truly want to escape and travel far beyond the stars, far above heaven and far beyond hell. Just imagine.
Reviewer: Spyros Papadakis

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Label: Wounded Love | Item Code: WLR 035 | Country: Norway | Year: 2006 | Genre: Doom Metal

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