Dodheimsgard - Kronet Til Konge CD Review

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2004-04-27 : damien
This is an excellent true BM album from '95,DHG's first feat. ALDRAHN(THORNS),VICOTNICK(really good drumming on this!) and suprisingly FENRIZ playing BASS and doing some back up can actually distinguish his rather good bass-playing throughout the record,wow! i really had no idea he could play bass and this well?? impressive!
DHG had such a distinct sound going, i don't know what happenned this album absolutely kicks from beginning to end, to the un-trained ear, at first this may sound the same all the way through, it really is the sort of album you have to live with and it grows on you hugely until you eventually become familiar with all the different parts(what else is new- i find that is ussually the case w/ most BM records, though some are harder and more punishing to get into upon 1st listen) This record is a billion light years better than their disgracefull "666 INTERNATIONAL" album,where they look like mudvayne, there is no BM to be found on the record and it a turd of a soppy electronic affair- how they could even keep the same name is beyond me!!! "KRONET TIL KONGE" is an entirely different entity, the most interesting thing about this album is their uniquetype of melody that doesn't really soun like is so hard to describe that it has to be heard to be understood....some guitar rhythm's sound vaguely reminiscent of SARGIEST with an almost FINNISH BM feel to the music. Highly recommended! Maybe they became bored w/playing this style of true BM,and i think you can almost hear on the album that they may have cornered themselves with such a particular sound that after this there was no other way to go....still no excuse for becomming an electronica band and dragging the majestic name and reputation of DHG through the mud!!!!!
Buy this album immediately if you are a Black Metal purist/cult/true/elitist listenner/collector. The best thing about this cd is that even though it's comparable to Darkthrone in "trueness" they do not sound identacle to them, despite Fenriz's involvement, they retain their own signature guitar and voc. sound. The vox sound so different to every other BM release of that time period, and you will find the voc style a fresh element in the music, as opposed to just another Darkthrone clone etc...this is absolutely an essential classic for all true BM fans of 1st and 2nd wave/early-mid '90's BM...