Dodheimsgard - 666 International

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Dodheimsgard-666 International An album from Black Metallers gone mad.

Okidoke, I can put it this way - I have owned this album for about 3 years now and for 5 weeks ago I understod what the hell this album was - a masterpiece!!!
It's just a whole decade of sounds gathered and put on the same chaos mixed with controlled techno-black metal (don't know how to explain it)
I hope that they someday will release a new album in the same style....because if they don't, then I´m gonna sit down and just refuse to do anything until they have to release a new one =)

/Mutual Tyranny

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Label: Moonfog | Item Code: FOG 020 | Country: Norway | Year: 1999 | Genre: ExperiMETAL

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