Disgorge - Chronic Corpra Infest CD Review

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2006-02-11 : INFESTER
MEXIGORGE was a SICK fucking band, they owed as much to SATAN/dark metal as the gore influence!

The first two MEXIGORGE discs are mandatory horror musick!

I almost like this one better because it has this very fucked up satanic feeling to it!!

I warn you that this cd is a fucked up mess!! yet catchey!!

2004-01-23 : CorpseRectumShit
This is definitely the best of two disgorges. Only this album is really fucked up, their second album forensick is the real shit. Forensick is Pathological Gore-Infected Brutal Grind, Chronic Corpora Infest is just like every day death metal.
2003-07-15 : Nate : Link
This is some of the most brutal and sickest shit I've ever heard. These Mexican metalheads are fucking insane!
2002-11-08 : jimmy : Link
the better of the 2 disgorges, gore wise. The other disgorge is also really sick though, props to both of them