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Diluvium-Aurora After many black, death, progressive and other metal genres, I was finally able to hear the first gothic metal/rock band from ex-Yugoslavian area. This band is named Diluvium. They were formed back in 1995, but had a chance to do an album in 2001, which was recorded in Linea studio (Nish, Serbia-Montenegro), while production was done by Claus Prellinger (Austria). They are currently signed to Austrian CCP Records. Like I said before, Diluvium are playing gothic metal/rock with female vocals, which sounds like Lacuna Coil and Gathering, but with much more melody and acoustic parts. Maybe I should call it more rock then metal... "Aurora" is filled with beautiful and dark melodies, which will please, and I must say surprise every gothic fan on this planet. It's really awesome! Milica, female vocalist has done a great job and sounds like Cristina Scabbia, maybe even better. Guitars are not so loud, keyboards are atmospheric and it all creates very good and smooth atmosphere on the album. First single, and definitley hit-song is "Like A Saint In Velvet Rags". It features acoustic intro, hard guitars and first of all great melodies. "The Third Planet" is extremly good as well, while other songs are same, talking about the quality. It may be a bit boring, because it's all melodic, there are not much tempo changes, but if you like this type of music, you are going to love Diluvium. It's the best gothic album on domestic scene and I suppose very good one on international scene.

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Label: CCP Records | Item Code: CCP 100228 | Country: Serbia | Year: 2001 | Genre: Dark Metal

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