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Digested Flesh / Inhuman Dissiliency-Accumulation of Eviscerated Remnants This is something I can really sink my sausage into; a split disc containing two of the more brutal bands on the east coast, hearkening back to the days of bass driven mosh madness, chock full of nudity, chop-meat, sewage treatment facilities, and tugboats. This is a disc that will absolutely be hated by many and loved by few. I am one of the few so my review will be severely biased. I thought I should float that out there as a disclaimer of sorts. This is music that is violent and nasty and perfect for wild arm swinging and boot stomping. If I can quote east coast rap legends Smif N' Wessun, it's time for a "Timz n' Hood Chek." For all of you rural folk, this makes reference to Timberland boots and hooded sweatshirts, made reference to because this is what you need to be wearing when you are smashing various items while listening to this. You might as well wear a powder-blue Cooper hockey helmet while you are at it.

Digested Flesh begins the disc with three songs of nasty east coast death metal, with plenty of mosh riffs and violent tendencies. There are your interludes of grind, played efficiently but it is not long before another fist-waving riff slides on through. The song quality is excellent and shows quite a bit of progression from their full-length release. Even the vocals show improvement, with less of a focus on the ultra-gurgled variety. The production is good but I enjoyed the bass-driven, cleaner production of their first release. This is a bit muddier and a bit muffled. I would rather the songs be better than harp on production, since this is easily fixed. If you are a fan of Digested Flesh, you know exactly what to expect and in a world of uncertainty, shitty sequels, and $300 Clean Flesh discs, this is a sight for sore eyes.

Inhuman Dissiliency ends the disc with three tracks. Although there are eight tracks total, 2 of them (one by each band) is a lame movie clip. I know...it's the stereotypical move by bands from this genre of death metal but it's carries a hint of nostalgia. It is something that will probably never disappear totally. Inhuman Dissiliency is a band along the lines of Goreopsy, Putrid Pile, and Insidious Decrepancy. The band is no where near as technical as Insidious Decrepancy or even Putrid Pile. The reason I make parallels with these bands because it is death metal with a drum machine. It seems as though the mindset was tune to B flat and just nail down some slow, moshy riffs. I had this idea quite a while ago but didn't even have the skill to pull this off and was focusing on other projects, such as a Dry Humping Network. However, I have enjoyed these songs fully. It seems as though it is the same riff over and over again and that is music to my ears like the Wendy's dollar menu is to my palate. Unlike other brootal bands, the riffs are much slower with intermittent sessions of grind. Ironically, I mentioned Clean Flesh and this is what this sounds like, especially the faster parts. This type of music would be annoying to most but if you are a fan of basic brutal death, this is a nice release. And even if you dabble in the likes of Devourment, it may be worth a listen. -Teufel's Tomb

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Label: Macabre Mementos | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2006 | Genre: Grind

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