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Dies Irae-Naive Dies Irae was born in the year of 1991, formed accidentaly by J.M. Dahern & Luis Martinez when they met at a party, but it was 4 months later when they decided to form the complete band, so Nelson Martinez (bass), Marco A. Gallardo (vocals) & Oscar Lopez (guitar, Agony Lords) join the band. First the band was known as Evocation, they had poor relation with the scene, but they played with Ripping Flesh, Hardware, Acrostic and other bands from the Mexican metal scene, and it was this way how they got serious. Oscar Lopez and Nelson M. leave the band, Luis Rico takes the place of Oscar. The musical differnces in the band lead to the desintegration of Evocation. 5 months later Luis Martinez & Luis Rico form a band called GOD (Glorification of the dead), name taken from the title of the demo that Evocation was planning to record. Meanwhile J.M. Dahern forms a band called Desacrilate, a doom-metal proyect with new musicians, they played with bands like Shub Niggurath, Benediction, GOD,...

It was in 1993 when Luis Martinez, J.M. Dahern & Luis Rico join again, this time including Eduardo Gomez on the bass, with the idea to play doom/death-metal, God was still the name of the band, but when they wrote new material they changed it to DIES IRAE. They promoted their new songs at gigs with CENOTAPH, THE CHASM, AGONY LORDS, Ars Antiqua, Tiamat, Enslaved,...In 1995 they enter studio for the first time to record their first demo Ab Imo Pectore with Reborn Records. The demo was released march '96, and Luis Rico leaves the band, two months passed untill they could get guitarist Eduardo Gómez and bassist Gerardo Aguilera to promote the demo. After that, there were some diffiulties because the band could not find the bass sound they wanted, so Emmanuel Gomez joins the band. The band records another demo (not available) called The Last Breath, to plan what they wanted to sound for their debut, because the band wanted to release a full length album. The Last Breath was presented to Oz Productions, but it was on march '96, when Oz Records gets interested to sign them and record a Split with BURIED DREAMS, but the split was not done, because Oz Productions decided to record a full album for each band.

A review of Dies Irae demo apeared in Grind Zone Magazine (Italy) with five stars also on Heavy Metal Subterraneo where they got a satisfactory review, and in other publications as Nordic Metal, Grinder,...At this time Carlos Orozco a profesional musician (Ex-Trento) replaces Emmanuel Gomez, playing the bass and Cello. This line-up was the one who finished all the music for their debut album ETHEREAL, which was released on march '98.

The influences of the band have been bands like Celtic Frost, Kreator, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Cynic, aswell as musicians like Les Claypol, Peter Erskine, King Crimson,...

After some time the band decided to make a break. But on July 31st they participate in the live recording of Oz Records and have decided to gather for asecond album to be recorded soon!

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Label: Oz | Item Code: OZ 014 | Country: Mexico | Year: 2001 | Genre: Death Metal

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