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Dies Irae-Immolated If Vader's last mini-album wasn't enough to satisfy you, then you might want to check through your pockets for enough money to pick up Dies Irae's Immolated. Featuring Mauser (guitar) and the godly Doc (drums) from Vader, Dies Irae open up their cookbooks to the Vader page and present you with 30 minutes of steamrolling death, Polish style.

Unfortunately, the main essential ingredient missing is Peter (Vader's singer/guitarist/songwriter), so while the material on Immolated is fine stuff, with great production and excellent musicianship, it feels like Vader lite. The good news about someone other than Peter playing lead guitar is that the solos are way better than Vader's.

If the new material on Reign Forever World is any indication that Vader will be using fewer blast beats in the future, then Immolated is compensating for the lack. This is a good thing, as depriving rabid fans of one of the best blast beats in the world is a pity. Lots of grindy parts to be found here, folks. Doc's playing sounds as good or better than ever.

Has anyone else noticed how since that "Red Dunes" track, the one that was released with the Japanese import Litany and with the most recent Reign Forever World album, that a whole bunch of similar-sounding ambient pieces? Lost Soul, Hate, and now Dies Irae… Well, not every band can be as good as Vader, even if half of said band's are actually from Vader. Considering this, Immolated is an excellent, if not essential album. A worthy purchase.
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Label: Metal Blade | Item Code: MMP 0015 | Country: Poland | Year: 2004 | Genre: Death Metal

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