Devourment - 1.3.8.

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Devourment-1.3.8. Devourment drop some brutal deathmetal on your ass like a fucking 100 megaton nuclear warhead between your ears. Crushing, heavy as fuck death metal at its best. This is some of the HEAVIEST shit you'll ever hear with some of the SICKEST vocals belched from deep in the bowels of Ruben Rosas. The guitar work on this is fucking amazing, just punishing downtuned heavy as fuck riffs that will have you destroying your bedroom in no time. Drumming is just phenomenal on this cd, fucking fast as fuck explosions that really pump up the music. When you listen to this, you'll literally feel the anger and rage build up inside of you until you explode, you can not help but to fucking break shit while listening to this. Enough ranting about how great this cd is, on with the review. The 1 in 1.3.8 stands for Devourments newest song called "Babykiller", which contains some of the sickest lyrics I've ever read. The 3 in 1.3.8 stands for Devourments 3 song demo called "Impaled", which features 3 tracks from Molesting the Decapitated only with a different vocalist. The 8 in 1.3.8 stands for the 8 tracks on Molesting the Decapitated, with the one and only puke-master himself Ruben Rosas. All in all, this cd is a MUST OWN for anyone who claims to be a fan of death metal. -Shot in the face

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Label: Displeased | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2004 | Genre: Death Metal

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